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Helicopter underslung load and vertical reference training

Due to the specialist underslung work we do at Helinorth we are perfectly suited to provide underslung load training courses enabling commercial pilots to master the basics of external load flying. The courses are always tailored to the client’s needs but will typically consist of 5hrs ground tuition and 10hrs flight training. In the basic course we would cover the following;

  • Basic skills lifting and landing external cargo of various types from groups of bags (difficult to handle due to the uneven shape and relative light weight) to concrete buckets (easier to fly because they are heavy and more streamlined).
  • Tuition in the different techniques required to use mirrors and to grasp vertical reference flying when looking straight down at a longer lines.
  • Use of Sling loads with 25ft strop (mirror), Long lines of various lengths of 50ft, 100ft and 150ft (Vertical reference).
  • Ground signals and correct loading of cargo.
  • Different makes of cargo hooks and remote hook operation (electric or gravity release)
  • Emergency procedures

Specialist training we offer;

  • Lime fertiliser spreading techniques.
  • Aerial spraying. Bracken / Forestry.
  • Aerial Seeding
  • GPS Guidance advice and real time training.
  • GPS Mapping.
  • Aerial fire fighting.

The training is primarily based at our base in North Yorkshire UK, but due to popular demand we are happy to send instructors to your base to use your own helicopters and equipment. Training can be done in any helicopter, we use our Bell 206 for the training here. Pilots don’t need a type rating as our instructor will be PIC. Also training can be done on any of your helicopters so long as either our instructor or your pilot has the rating.

Whatever your company needs to lift we can tailor a course that best suits your requirements to get the most out the training, so we will bias the course towards the actual flying your pilot is going to be doing.



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