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Utility Helicopter Operations

Bracken Spraying and Aerial Seeding

We offer a full service for the control of bracken on moorland areas using bell Jetranger helicopters, a specialist ground support vehicles and staff are trained in the handling of chemicals and ADR certified. We can do aerial seeding of grass and heather seeds, aerial fertilizer applications and forestry applications.

If you are considering aerial spraying as a solution to your bracken problem then visit http://www.brackencontrol.co.uk/output/bracken_facts.asp where you will find useful information about spraying bracken.

Aerial Load Lifting

A helicopter can often be the most cost effective and quickest way to get your cargo where you need it especially in remote areas with poor infrastructure. Using different types of helicopter we can lift loads up to 1950 kgs.

GPS Guidance

Using GPS guidance makes using helicopters a very cost effective, accurate and environmentally friendly way to complete some tasks. Using GPS we are able to provide print outs overlaid onto satellite or ordnance survey maps for our clients future use.

Fire Cover Vehicles, Refuelling services and Specialist Lifting Equipment

We have a selection of vehicles / bowsers and appropriately trained staff for providing event fire cover and helicopter support on load lifting and aerial application jobs. We provide ground support and refuelling to a number of other major helicopter providers in the UK. We can also manufacture specialist equipment using our own in house fabrication facility.

Due to the large variations in this type of work please contact us for a quote or advise. CLICK HERE or call direct, Tel: 01325 778693