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A helicopter can often be the most cost effective and quickest way to get your cargo where you need it especially in remote areas with poor infrastructure.

Using different types of helicopter we can lift loads up to 1950 kgs.

Our recent jobs have included lifting 7 miles worth of fencing materials, footpath building materials, wooden dams, conservation materials in bags and solar panels to a school roof. We have remote cargo hooks enabling us drop multiple light loads up to 10 hooks.

Lifting Christmas Trees

This year we have been busy working in Keilder Forest with the Bell 205 Helicopter lifting Christmas Trees that are destined for towns and cities throughout the UK

Trees were airlifted by helicopter from the forest as the location was deemed too remote to be accessed by tractor or crane, this also meant that the harvest time was greatly reduced as was the impact on the environment.

To see further videos of our lifting work Click Here